Sebastien Woolf Bio

Sebastien Woolf is a man raised in a world of books, comics and pop culture. Having grown up in the era of the original zombie movies he has been forever obsessed with the zombie post-apocalyptic genre. Heavily influenced by splatter, gore, slasher horror books and movies he has an interest in all things dark and macabre. He is also an avid steampunk, dystopia and science fantasy fan.

As a creative dark force and coffee connoisseur Woolf has been writing for many years whilst battling depression, addiction and recovering from a breakdown. His life has been far from perfect, having to overcome adversity to learn how to balance family life with a writing career.

Woolf writes about emotional conflict and the many and varied complex social, cultural and religious issues that make us human. All his stories, characters and plot come from the deep, dark recesses of his subconscious mind.

It’s cold in there…